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How Baluu was born

Too many businesses settle for second best when it comes to building and managing their websites.

Whether it's attempting to moonlight as a coder yourself or getting squeezed by website-building cowboys (and gals) - it's way harder than it needs to be to get a gorgeous bookings website that delights your customers, whilst being utterly effortless for your team to manage.

So, the team behind Obby (a UK-wide class bookings marketplace) and MasterPeace (a rapidly growing bookings-business) co-created a small-but-mighty brand that's going to give power to the people, letting them launch & manage their digital bookings business all-by-their-genius-selves, for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you're an art school, a day care centre, a puppy-groomer, a therapist, a masseuse, or a book-by-the-hour-fire-breather - build your website with Baluu and get back to doing you.

+ 1 day
Saved in admin time each week
Uplift on customer conversions
Happy customers use Baluu


We are known for our unbeatable customer support. From adding events, to refunding customers we have the team available to help you keep your business running smoothly.


We work with hundreds of businesses like yours, so we have plenty of knowledge to take your business to the next level. From improving your website to increasing your bookings.


We’re known for our stable system, with very little to no down time. We are always striving to improve our systems to ensure the best possible experience for business owners.

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