Case Studies

"Baluu was easy to set up and easy to use on a daily basis.Takes the stress out of manually taking bookings and frees up my time."
Elizabeth (small business owner)

Join Elizabeth and over 1,000 other business owners who have chosen Baluu to support them on a daily basis.

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Baluu Capterra 4.9 rating
Baluu G2 5 rating
Baluu GetApp 4.9 rating

Using Baluu as a photography teacher and tour guide!

See how MasterPeace used Baluu to replace their existing website entirely, save money on hosting fees and streamline their business.

Since using Baluu, Pam has revolutionised the way she organises bookings, supports students and manages admin. Discover how Baluu can help you manage your team, bookings and admin.

Discover how Baluu can help streamline your business operations, just like it did for The Ringsmiths!

Ben and Darren from the Botanical Boys have already experienced the benefits of Baluu and its ability to handle their business's admin tasks.

The London School of Mosaic has experienced the benefits of using Baluu's customer relationship management (CRM) tools. See how Baluu can enhance not only how you manage customers but also their booking experience.

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