Golf Clubs: Get the Ultimate Booking System for Customer Bookings

Golf clubs don't have to stress about scheduling with Baluu's efficient online booking system. Embrace the convenience and flexibility of Baluu's schedule and payment management to give customers the opportunity to book tee times quickly and allow staff to manage bookings easily.

Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs: A Branded, Smooth Booking Experience

Golf professionals, we understand your customers expect a seamless and beautiful booking experience. That's why we've developed a no code solution that can be integrated into any website with a few easy steps. Our solution is not only extremely easy to use, but it's also fully branded so you don't miss out on any of your brand's value. Allow your customers to easily make appointments and bookings online and watch your business flourish. Try it out today!

Empower Your Golf Club with Baluu Booking Software

Golf clubs and trainers, Baluu is the perfect creative bookings software for your business. With our auto-updated guest lists and timetable management features, you'll be able to easily secure, manage, and track all the customer bookings, allowing you to spend less time and energy on tedious, manual tasks. Let Baluu take care of it for you!

Golf Clubs: Gain Customer Insights with Baluu's Bookings Analytics

Baluu helps golf clubs save time and energy managing bookings with integrated sales, customised newsletters and discount codes. Make the most of your bookings marketing by generating meaningful campaigns with our software and reach more customers than ever before. Try Baluu, the perfect choice for golf club bookings marketing.

Quickly Launch Golf Events & Sessions!

If you are looking for an efficient way to start accepting golf club bookings online, you need Baluu! Our creative bookings software is a saas startup that offers a fast and friendly setup, without any coding required. All you have to do is set your availability and payment information, and you'll be ready to accept bookings in minutes. No more hassle or complex processes, just a straightforward option to market your golf club bookings!

Golf Clubs software saving you time at every step.

Baluu booking software offers the perfect solution for any business needing to manage bookings of one-off and recurring events.

• Multi-day courses & bundles

‍• Live online & hybrid events
• Private events
• Calendar integration / scheduling tools for Golf Clubs

Baluu booking software makes accepting customer bookings easier, offering:
•Post event review collection
•Automatic payment receipts

Baluu's golf club booking software streamlines customer payments with features like:

• Stripe integration for secure payments
• Accepting Visa, Mastercard, Amex and more
• Apple Pay integration for quick payment

Why Baluu?

Tried and tested

Hundreds of users all over the world use Baluu to manage their bookings.

Competitively priced

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24 / 7 support

We’ll feel like an extension of your own team, here to help you do what you do best.