Schedule and Manage Physiologists Bookings Easily

Are you a Physiologist looking to modernize and improve your scheduling solutions? With Baluu, you can streamline bookings and payment processing, allowing you to focus on delivering the best service. Say goodbye to double-bookings and cancelled appointments with Baluu's automated and intuitive booking system.


Elevate Your Physiotherapy Bookings with Our Software

Welcome physiologists! Looking for a no-code, beautiful, branded booking experience for your clients? With our creative bookings software saas startup, you can easily accept customer bookings without writing a single line of code. Our intuitive platform integrates into any website in a few simple steps, making it easier than ever to streamline the booking process and get you back to doing what you do best - helping your patients feel good. Sign up now and enjoy a stress-free booking experience!

Easily Manage Bookings for Physiologists with Baluu

Baluu's Guest List and Timetable Management features empower physiologists to effortlessly stay on top of customer visits and receive real-time insights. You can enjoy the convenience of automated updating from your online events to sync with your calendar, saving you precious time and energy. Get the answers you need fast and the control you crave.

Unlock Powerful Bookings Analytics for Physiologists with Baluu

Baluu can help make Physiologists bookings easier and more efficient. Our creative bookings software saas allows you to create amazing marketing campaigns with integrated sales, customised newsletters and discount codes, so you can generate more bookings. Our software takes the hassle out of marketing for Physiologists and helps you make the most of your time and revenue.

Create a Faster Physiotherapy Booking System

Experience customer bookings at lightning speed with Baluu's creative bookings software SaaS. Get your Physiologists business up and running in minutes, without any complicated coding. Set up your availability and payment information efficiently, without making any extra effort. Baluu delivers the perfect marketing solution for Physiologists bookings!

Physiologists software saving you time at every step.

Baluu is a creative bookings software solution to enable businesses to accept customer bookings online with ease and simplicity. -One-off and recurring event booking -Multi-day course & bundle bookings -Live online & hybrid event support -Private events and calendar integration scheduler
Baluu Booking Software is an innovative software that automates the process of client bookings, reducing time and effort while creating more time for business owners. • Reminders functionality • Post event review collection • Automatic payment receipts • Automated waiting lists
Baluu Booking Software enables Physiologists to easily accept payments online; including Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Apple Pay; plus offers the added convenience of automated refunds when cancelling.
• Accept payments with Stripe
• Visa, Mastercard, Amex
• Accept Apple Pay
• Automatically refund customers when cancelling

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