Customise Your Services

Customise Your Services

Customise your bookings across different locations with multiple ticket types & bundle booking options.

Customise Your Services

Baluu is a flexible booking system that can be customised to every business use case. Pick and choose from a variety of features to create the ideal system for you. 

On request and multi person bookings along with the ability to sell multi part experiences means there’s never a booking request you can’t cater for. 

On request bookings: Customers can request to book at times that aren’t publicly visible on your timetable.

Multi person bookings: Got a group event? One customer can book for the entire group. No more time consuming admin for your customers!

Multi part experiences: Host experiences and events that are made up of multiple sessions. Give your customers the freedom to book the whole series of experiences or a specific session. 

Eliminate the hassle of pricing bespoke events. Baluu gives you the tools to make pricing and taking payments flexible, easy and secure. 

Customisable Ticket Types: From early bird tickets to family tickets, attach multiple ticket types to each of your products and bookable events.

Ticket Bundles: Attract returning customers and offer discounts on bookings for more than one event or product.  

Private Payment Links: Simply send your customer a secure private payment link for their private booking or customised products.

Service Add-ons: Include service add-ons and products at the checkout so your customers can explore more of what you offer during their booking experience. 

Host your events whenever and wherever you want! Baluu makes it easy to run your events in your style. 

Multiple Locations: Like to run your events in multiple locations? Baluu makes it easy to manage and host events in more than one location. 

Virtual Experiences: If you embrace online experiences, Baluu will help you run virtual events through several online platforms. 

Hybrid Experiences: Provide the best of both worlds! Offer your customers experiences which take place both online and in-person. 

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