Beautifully Simple Design

Beautifully Simple Design

Create a branded and intuitive booking experience with photo galleries, timetable view and a branded URL.

Beautifully Simple Design 

We believe that designing a website or booking experience that showcases your brand should be simple. That’s why creating a customised website or branded booking page with Baluu is effortless. 

Whether you need a whole business website or a customised booking page, Baluu’s user-friendly features make taking bookings from your own website easy. 

Website integration or Standalone Site: Create a customised booking page which seamlessly integrates into your website. Need a branded website where you can list your events and take bookings? Baluu makes building your complete website very straightforward. 

No Code Required: Using Baluu’s website builder tools and the process of integrating Baluu into your website requires no code.

Compatible with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix etc.: Already have a branded business website? Your customised booking page can integrate into your existing website, no matter which platform your website is built with.

Web Developer Handbook: Integrating Baluu into your website is easy, even for those with little confidence in their tech abilities. Access Baluu's handbook to get to grips with Baluu's website integration capabilities.

Baluu will help you bring your design ideas to life! Customise the look and feel of your website and refine your brand. 

Custom Landing Pages: Create and integrate custom landing pages into your website. Build a landing page outlining your private events or integrate a landing page for your venue hire services.

Timetable Layout: Baluu’s timetable layout means you can clearly share your accurate availability with customers. 

Photo Gallery: Add relevant photos to create a unique and customised visual experience for your customers. 

Custom Site Design: We understand that when it comes to website pages, it’s not one-size fits all! Baluu gives you the tools to customise your website. 

Baluu has considered every last detail of your website and customer booking experience. Easily add all of the necessary information and detail your customers need. 

Import Reviews: Honest feedback is definitely something worth shouting about! Import reviews you have gathered from other platforms onto Baluu. 

Event FAQs: Effortlessly answer your customers questions by providing FAQs for your events and products. 

Custom TS & CS: Make the terms and conditions for your event bookings and products clear to your customers. 

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