Sell Anything

Sell Anything

From event tickets, appointments, classes and experiences to products, gift cards and so much more.

Sell Anything

From products and gift cards to class and appointment bookings, Baluu is a versatile software that gives you the freedom to sell anything.  

There’s no limit to your success! Grow your business with unlimited bookings and offer a range of events, appointments and experiences. 

Bookings: Baluu gives you the opportunity to grow your business with unlimited bookable events for your customers. 

Group Events: Create events, classes, experiences and activities that are available for multiple customers to book. 

Appointments: Provide your customers with the opportunity to book one-to-one and private appointments.

Dedicated to hosting your events online? Baluu has you covered.  

Online Courses: Teach students far and wide with live online courses. Choose to create online courses which multiple students can book or one-to-one courses. 

Pre-recorded Content: Create pre-recorded videos and content for your customers to buy access to. 

Businesses focused on selling products can also grow with Baluu. Use Baluu for your e-commerce business to make selling products simple and easy. 

Products & Merchandise: Baluu’s built-in e-commerce tools means selling physical products and merchandise is straightforward. 

Gift Cards: Give your customers the chance to share the love by offering digital gift cards for your events, experiences and products.

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