Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

Import client data, create customer intake forms and manage your clients with CRM tools.

Know Your Customer 

Manage every element of your customers bookings, from storing their contact information to refunds and rescheduling. 

Know that your customers are taken care of with Baluu’s robust client management tools. Easily import customers data and manage your customers bookings.

Client Management: As well as rescheduling, cancelling and refunding customer bookings, you can collect customer information and keep them in the loop by giving them the option to opt in to your newsletter.

Basic Import Contact Information: Want to import your existing customer information? No worries! Baluu makes it easy to import and keep your customers' information from your previous booking platform.

Get key information from your customers when they make a booking or purchase your products. Collect essential customer information every time they make a booking. 

Basic Customer Booking Form: Every time a customer makes a booking they will need to provide some basic contact information to complete the booking. 

Customised Intake Forms: Create customised intake forms which customers must complete to make a booking. Run cooking classes? Use the customisable intake forms to take note of students dietary requirements. 

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