Appointment Bookings

Appointment Bookings

Customize your time slots, service prices, and durations to suit your needs.

Baluu's appointment bookings feature is a powerful solution that lets you create and manage your booking availability for your business in minutes. Whether you offer services like haircuts, massages, consultations, or classes, Baluu lets you customize your time slots, service prices, and durations to suit your needs.

How it works

  • Create your account and choose your business type and location
  • Set up your services and prices, and assign them to different team members if needed
  • Create your availability calendar and adjust it for any day of the week
  • Share your booking link with your customers via email, social media, or your website
  • Receive bookings and payments online, and get notified by email or SMS
  • Manage your bookings, reschedule or cancel them if necessary, and send reminders to your customers

Easily set your daily appointment availability on an event basis with Baluu

Benefits of using Baluu's appointment bookings feature

  • Save time and reduce hassle: Baluu's appointment bookings feature eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, or messages to schedule appointments. Your customers can book your services online at any time of the day, from any device. You can also sync your calendar with Google Calendar or Outlook to avoid double bookings.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty: Baluu's appointment bookings feature improves the customer experience by providing convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind. Your customers can choose their preferred time and date, pay securely online, and receive instant confirmation and reminders. They can also reschedule or cancel their appointments easily if needed.
  • Grow your business and revenue: Baluu's appointment bookings feature helps you attract more customers and generate more bookings. You can showcase your services and prices on your website or social media platforms, and use Baluu's marketing tools to promote your business and get feedback from your customers. You can also track your bookings, revenue, and conversion rates with Baluu's analytics.
  • Manage your team and resources efficiently: Baluu's appointment bookings feature allows you to create multiple calendars, services, and team members. You can assign your service slots to different team members and create one calendar for multiple staff members. You can also manage your team's availability, performance, and workload with Baluu's dashboard.

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