Effortless Admin

Effortless Admin

Our user-friendly dashboard makes invoicing, payment prompts and all things admin easy.

Effortless Admin 

Forget the days of endless admin! With Baluu, you can spend less time taking care of admin and more time growing your business. Stay organised from anywhere and access intelligent insights. 

Baluu gives you the freedom to run your business on your terms. Manage your bookings from anywhere at any time. 

Mobile Compatible: The Baluu dashboard is completely mobile optimised. This means you can manage your business on the go. 

Multiple Admins and Roles: Give your team access to the Baluu dashboard. Control which information and areas of the dashboard your team can access. 

Free Data Migration: Don’t want to lose valuable data? Simply migrate data from your current booking system over to Baluu. 

Recurring Schedules: If you run regular events, Baluu makes it easy to list recurring events which take place at the same date, location and time.

From getting set up to making sure your business needs are met, the responsive Baluu team will help you every step of the way.

One-to-One Onboarding Calls and Support: As well as 24/7 around the clock support, the Baluu team will also help you get set up with a free onboarding call.

Insights Reports to Analyse Performance: Run valuable reports on your bookings, payments, attendance and more. Understand how your business is performing and how to grow your success. 

Visitor Counter Booking Stats: Keeping an up to date record of your bookings is made simple with Baluu. 

Cut down your manual admin and instead use Baluu’s powerful tools. Outline your open hours and keep track of customer payments.

Open Hours for Appointment Bookings: Instead of manually corresponding back and forth with customers to arrange an appointment, customers can clearly see your open hours and availability to book a time that works for everyone. 

Unpaid Prompts: Baluu helps you effortlessly monitor customer bookings and will notify you when a customer has an outstanding payment for a private booking.

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