Seamless Customer Journeys

Seamless Customer Journeys

Send auto-reminders and deliver a mobile optimised fast checkout for your customers.

Seamless Customer Journeys

Give your customers an effortless and intuitive booking journey. With Baluu, your customers can enjoy a mobile compatible, fast checkout experience. 

We believe that making bookings should be hassle free, that’s why we have given you the tools to create a seamless booking journey for your customers. 

Mobile Compatible: Baluu is mobile compatible, so your customers can book from different devices rather than just their desktop.

Group Bookings: Provide your customers with the option to request a private group booking for your events, classes and experiences. 

Group Split Pay: Baluu makes organising group payments simple. Instead of one guest paying on behalf of the whole group, Baluu will send each member of the group a payment link so everyone can pay their share of the booking.

Fast Checkout: Give your customers the opportunity to swiftly make a booking or purchase products without signing in. 

Tired of being weighed down by endless admin? Explore how you can save time and automate your admin with Baluu. 

Automated Reminders: When customers make a booking or buy a product, they will automatically be sent a confirmation and reminder email.

Self-Service Cancel & Reschedule: From cancelling to simply rescheduling, your customers will have the power to manage their own bookings.

Google Calendar Sync: Keep track of your schedule and events all in one place. With Baluu you can automatically sync your events to your Google Calendar. 

Baluu helps you keep your customers in the loop! Clearly outline your availability for upcoming events and products. 

Display Remaining Spaces on Events: Customers can view how many bookable spaces are available for each of your events and book up until the day the event is taking place. 

Waiting Lists for Overbooked Events: Are you no stranger to hosting sold out events? Your customers can join a waiting list for events that have sold out and receive a notification when there is an available space.

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