"Baluu has changed how I manage my bookings and my team"

Pam Jones
Founder of Saddleworth Cookery School

From tutors and instructors to students and bookings, when managing your own teaching business there is a lot to keep track of. Organising your team and collaborations while also communicating with students and listing your classes can be a time consuming, complex and often error prone process. Explore how Baluu makes managing your team as well as your students and bookings simple and easy.

Company Profile

Pam Jones owns and runs Saddleworth Cookery School, a welcoming and inclusive establishment which delivers cooking classes to students of all ages. Pam is a passionate teacher who runs interactive cooking workshops for adults and children. 

Saddleworth Cookery School is based in the picturesque Pennine Hills, just one hour outside of Manchester. Within this inspiring school, Pam is determined to help students discover new cooking skills and develop their taste palate while having fun in the process. 

‘We work with people of all abilities and love seeing people develop confidence when cooking. It’s a great social environment, as well as a place to learn new skills.’ - Pam Jones

As well as teaching a range of skills within cooking classes, Pam also spends a lot of time managing bookings and fulfilling extensive admin. Since using Baluu, Pam has revolutionised the way she organises bookings, supports students and manages admin. Discover how Baluu can help you manage your team, bookings and admin. 

The Challenge

Pam runs a popular selection of classes, workshops, private events and courses. However, manually listing classes and keeping a strong correspondence with students was proving to be a long and laborious process.

‘I was managing our booking via Wix and it was good, but really hard work.  When we needed help it was a long call to the States, and we ended up with quite a few classes with errors in the listing.  I was considering employing someone to manage our bookings, and the call from Katie at Baluu came at just the right time.’ - Pam Jones

After using other booking systems, Pam found that she wanted a booking software that provided responsive support as well as a simple solution for managing class listings, tutors and admin.


With Baluu, Pam is able to organise her team effortlessly. The user-friendly dashboard allows Pam to add members of her team or cooking teachers she has collaborated with. When Pam adds a teacher or colleague to the dashboard, she is able to make the most of the permission tool. This tool gives Pam control over the information each user can access in the dashboard as well as the changes each user can make in the dashboard.

As well as managing her team, Pam can also use automated features to deliver high quality customer service while also reducing her time spent doing manual admin. During the booking process, Pam can include a dietary information question where students can list their requirements or allergies.

Since using this feature alongside class reminders and other automated tools, Pam has reduced the amount of time she spends communicating with students and fulfilling admin tasks significantly.

With Baluu, Pam found a simple solution that would make working with other teachers, communicating with students and listing classes quicker and easier. Better yet, with Baluu Pam also found a booking software that felt like an extension of her own team.

I had a conversation with Chris, swapped a couple of emails, and he put all our after school classes on the system for us. No more Sundays dedicated to adding classes to the website!’ - Pam Jones

Keep track of your timetable and bookings


After just four months of using Baluu’s comprehensive booking system, Saddleworth Cookery School has increased their sales by more than 210%.

Pam has reduced her time spent organising tutors and communicating with students, but also as a result of this extra free time, Pam was able to list more classes and therefore take more bookings. Start your 30 day free trial today and discover how Baluu can help you organise, manage and grow your business today. 

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