"Baluu helped me create a branded booking experience"

Matthew Williams-Ellis
Photography School Founder

When it comes to the right booking widget, it isn’t one size fits all. With Baluu, businesses can create a booking widget to fit their specific needs. Creating and integrating a completely custom widget into your website not only helps refine your business’s brand, but it also takes away the hassle of manually tracking and scheduling your bookings. Learn how Matthew Williams-Ellis customised and integrated the Baluu booking widget into his business’s website to build his brand and grow his photography school!

Company Profile

Matthew Williams-Ellis strives to share his wealth of knowledge with enthusiastic students in his photography workshops. From beginner workshops to providing experienced photographers with insightful new tips and tricks, Matthew hosts workshops for students of all levels. 

As well as having a talent for teaching workshops, Matthew has a passion for capturing striking images. From featuring in Lonely Planet to the National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Matthew's photography has been recognised by a number of global publications.

With his established accomplishments as a travel, landscape and wildlife photographer, Matthew wanted to have an equally successful photography teaching business. Matthew turned to Baluu, a robust booking software, to help him grow, manage and expand his photography business.

The Challenge

As Matthew’s teaching business grew, he realised he would need a powerful and reliable booking software to manage his customers and bookings. With a strong vision in mind, Matthew wanted a booking software that was easily customisable to fit the brand of his business.

As a photographer, the visual features and aesthetic of the customer booking experience is very important to Matthew. With an already established professional website, Matthew was looking for a booking software that was easily customisable and consistent with his company's brand.


With Baluu, Matthew was able to easily build a completely custom widget to fit the brand of his photography business. On the Baluu dashboard, building a customisable booking widget couldn’t be easier! Business owners like Matthew, are guided step-by-step through the process of building their booking widget.

Build a customisable widget with Baluu

From refining your branding to organising your schedule and timetable, Baluu makes every step of building a customisable booking widget simple and easy. Matthew found that with Baluu, integrating his completely customised booking widget into his website was very straightforward.

'There are a many parts of the Baluu software that have been incredibly useful. One is the widget that allows me to take bookings through my website. This has saved me endless hours of emailing and tracking bookings in excel.' - Matthew Williams-Ellis

Image via www.matthewwilliams-ellis.com

'I now sell a lot of vouchers for Christmas and birthday presents and having the ability for people to purchase directly through my website and then book onto a course saves lots of time.' - Matthew Williams-Ellis

By easily integrating the booking widget into his website, Matthew was able to create a seamless and enjoyable booking experience for customers. This not only encouraged recurring bookings of classes and gift vouchers from customers but the professional booking experience also increased the trustworthiness of Matthew’s business.


Integrating the booking widget meant customers experienced a continuity of Matthew’s brand, which created a sense of credibility and professionalism when booking classes on his business's website. As a result of this, Matthew’s bookings increased by 62.5% within just three months of having an integrated booking widget on his business website!

Now Matthew Williams-Ellis has a reliable and powerful booking widget integrated into his business's website and has seen a huge increase in customer bookings as a consequence of this! If you would like to provide a secure and seamless booking experience for your customers and students, then start your 30 day free trial with Baluu and discover how you can refine your branding and boost your sales!

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