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‘Plugging Baluu into my WordPress site was so easy and affordable’
Zena El Farra, Founder of MasterPeace

Got an existing website but feel ready to level-up your bookings or e-commerce pages? Baluu is for you. Integrate Baluu features directly into your existing site, for a secure, fully-branded, seamless experience your customers will love.

It’s effortless to embed Baluu functions into your existing website:

  • Baluu features are compatible with all major website builders e.g. Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy and more. 
  • Baluu pages can be embedded onto your website in minutes. There’s no need for a web developer or any coding experience.
  • Baluu pages are fully brandable so you can create a consistent online experience for your customers as they explore your website from homepage to checkout.

There comes a time when all small businesses outgrow the capabilities of their existing website. Perhaps you started out on a shoestring, doing lots of your admin manually, and splicing different services together to make your website work. But there’s no need to start-over.

With Baluu, we can take your existing website and give it the glow up it deserves: with the functionality you need to take your bookings or e-commerce business to the next level. That’s what Zena El Farra from MasterPeace did. Read her story below.

Company Profile

MasterPeace is a drop-in mindful art and painting experience in Belgravia. With classes for adults and children, MasterPeace aims to help everyone learn how to create art mindfully. MasterPeace has a relaxed and welcoming studio environment, which creates the perfect atmosphere for guests to make their own personal artwork.

Founder, Zena El Farra at the MasterPeace studio

MasterPeace is fronted by professional artists and innovative thinkers. The MasterPeace team have created a new way for complete beginners to start drawing and painting in no time! Students can use light as a guide to turn their photos into paintings. As well as their in-person studio workshops, MasterPeace now offer At Home learning kits and experiences, perfect for mindful learning at your own pace.

The Challenge

MasterPeace was founded by Zena El Farra who believes in the power of mindful painting! Zena champions creative expression and promotes the idea that the process of creating art through painting and drawing is an enriching experience and rewarding avenue into mindfulness. 

After conceptualising the method of using light and projectors to guide students through drawing and painting, Zena decided to go onto Dragon’s Den. With the added traffic, Zena realised MasterPeace needed a robust all in one booking system where students could seamlessly book mindful workshops.

MasterPeace use projectors in their workshops to guide students

‘In the weeks before the show aired, I knew I needed a website that could show-up on the big day, when hundreds of thousands of new customers were due to find us online, prompted by the program. I wanted to know that my website could handle that level of traffic, given that, notoriously, all Dragons Den business’ websites crash on the night.’ - Zena El Farra


Baluu is a powerful and reliable all in one booking software which makes managing customers, bookings, schedules and so much more a simple and easy process. MasterPeace found that many of the features Baluu has to offer immensely helped them grow and manage their business. 

Not only does Baluu have a sophisticated website builder where businesses can create a fully branded website, this booking system also helps users send automated customised emails, manage bookings, sell products and kits, produce sales reports and so much more! 

Build a customised website with Baluu

‘I wanted an effortless and elegant customer experience, that told our brand story, did our product justice, and made it absolutely frictionless for a new customer to get started with us. Whether that’s booking a class, buying a product or a gift card, our website feels like it was designed bespoke with a web developer, just for our needs. But it was as simple as signing up for Baluu. I got all the functionality I needed for my growing and changing business, all in one place - so I could finally switch off all the many confusing plug-ins that previously powered different parts of our site.’ - Zena

As well as organising bookings and scheduling timetables, Baluu makes managing many aspects of your business effortless! MasterPeace and many other businesses that already use Baluu have found that they have drastically cut down their admin time, meaning they can spend more time teaching and growing their business. 

‘My admin team were delighted: finally, no more manually typing up invoices and chasing people for payments! No more paying a web developer to change the code on our website every time we want to launch something new! Finally something we could manage ourselves, on the go, that could grow, change and adapt - as fast as we are doing.’ - Zena


Once MasterPeace started using Baluu, they experienced an immediate and positive impact on their business. Zena and other members of the MasterPeace team found managing their bookings, organising their timetable and communicating with customers easier than ever before! 

The benefits of using Baluu go further than managing your business, MasterPeace also saw a huge and sustainable increase in their bookings and sales since using Baluu!

In less than 12 months using Baluu, MasterPeace increased their sales by 500% and have continued to see a steady growth in their bookings! 

Looking for a booking system that will help you manage bookings and increase your sales? Baluu is a simple software that can make a big difference to your growing business. As well as class bookings for teaching businesses, Baluu is also designed for businesses who host a range of experiences and events.

Get started with Baluu today to grow your business and manage your bookings!

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